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Smart diagramming in Confluence

Put 20 years of diagramming experience at your fingertips.
Visualize your data, processes, and ideas with the
most advanced diagram editor for Confluence:



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Why Graphity?

Beautiful data
adds value

Graphity lets you visualize related data to gain new insights…

Ease of use,
peace of mind

Consumer focus meets 20 years of diagramming experience…

Sleek and speedy interface

We’ve worked hard to make things simple for Graphity users…

Why make diagrams?

Visualizing data doesn’t just make it more beautiful, it makes it more valuable.

Turning words and numbers into graphs makes it so much easier to ensure maximum efficiency, understand complicated flows, or see relationships in vast networks. With Graphity for Confluence, your colleagues and partners can contribute in real time, minimize hassle, and make communication more productive. Various export formats, safe storage and GDPR compliance ensure an optimum experience all the way through.

Real-time collaboration with Graphity

Graphity for Confluence supports multi-user diagram editing at the same time. The collaborative editing feature in allows you and your team to exchange and develop new ideas.

Business process diagrams, user flows diagrams, development planning, and many more use cases benefit tremendously from direct interaction during the draft.


Use case stories



Discover how Graphity turns an everyday company process into an appealing flowchart with clear pathways.



BPMN diagrams are a helpful standard notation. See how Graphity supports BPMN in an easy way!

In their own words

Graphity is the newest member of the yWorks diagram editor family, and the first to be integrated in Confluence. Some of our 1,000,000 active users share what they love about our products:

I was amazed how certain user interaction details and the clever layout algorithms can make such a big difference in the diagramming experience. What a pleasure to work with your tools!

Mihai Danila, Google (NY office)

We have been customers for over 10 years… fantastic tool, flexible, scalable and easy to use for students, allowing them to produce detailed and beautiful diagrams of biological systems.

Prof. Tom Freeman, Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

Really cool! And easy to use!

Gilligan Joy, Software Developer, Canadian Forces

The best chart tool… I’ve used it every time I’ve needed to produce a UML diagram, flowchart, relational database diagram, etc. for my degree…You guys are rockstars!

Kevin Norman, Software Engineering student at Swansea University

You can imagine how delighted I was to hear about graphity! yED on confluence is the best thing I've heard in ages

John Callaghan, Project Manager, Damibu Ltd.

I'm a big fan of the work you guys are doing and the automated layouts has become an integral part of our design process and workflow. We use yEd/Live/Graphity to produce user flow diagrams.
If a client asks us to change the ui flow, we can update the flow diagram in literally seconds using the automated layout tools, rather than having to go in and move things around by hand.

Advantages at a glance

Discover the many advantages of Graphity: automatic layouts and highest data security are just the start.