Graphity Delivers:

Extra value for your data

Graphity was developed to bring valuable, beautiful diagrams to businesses all over the world – through Atlassian Confluence. We are proud to have developed software that’s entirely driven by users’ needs.


The beauty of data

Handling large amounts of data can become confusing and difficult. By turning tiresome spreadsheets into easy-to-read graphs, you can save time, gain insights, and transfer knowledge more efficiently. Graphity’s customization options cater to specific needs, while shared style definitions in Confluence ensure that your corporate identity remains consistent, no matter how many people join your company.

Endless possibilities

Graphity helps you create any type of graph you need. From flowchart to mindmap, UML, BPMN, or entity relationship (ERD) – our features allow you to visualize, store, and share your data however you like. And you’ll never lose or forget critical information: With networks, schemes, and other structures clearly displayed, you can find anything you need, at any time, using your own company server or simply the Confluence Cloud.


Beautiful results, everywhere

We see the benefits of real-time contribution online, but we know how important it is to have your data on offline platforms, too. Graphity export formats – PNG, SVG, and PDF – are compatible with most software, allowing you to use your beautified data for anything you like. And the print preview function lets you choose the scale, page size, and format, so you get the result you expect – no accidental cropping!

Beautiful data
adds value

Graphity lets you visualize related data to gain new insights…

Ease of use,
peace of mind

Consumer focus meets 20 years of diagramming experience…