Graphity Delivers:

Intuitive sophistication

With Graphity, we want to power your success – by adding value to the data that you choose to visualize. Having developed tools for maximum convenience, we want you to enjoy maximum results.


Simple efficiency

The most advanced diagramming app for Confluence to date, Graphity offers endless opportunities for graph creation – without the need for external tools and storage. What's more, it allows your entire team to contribute seamlessly, enabling simple and highly efficient knowledge transfer throughout your company.

Maximum security

Data security is a hot topic – Graphity helps you stay perfectly cool. Fully GDPR-compliant, Graphity ensures confidentiality without additional contracts or agreements. And since the data you visualize with Graphity never leaves your company’s infrastructure, the risk of security breaches is virtually zero. Access control ensures that only authorized people can use the diagram. Plus, the built-in backup saves all of the important information.


Streamlined, yet thorough

Over a million people around the world actively use our diagramming editors yEd and yEd Live. The latest addition to the family – Graphity – features a cutting-edge interface and customer-driven options. Graphity is easy to understand, yet offers everything a user could possibly need. We’ve increased the number of fully-automated layouts that can be re-arranged with one click, and upgraded palettes to make customization simple. And in case you want to go back to a previous variation of your diagram, version control lets you do exactly that.

Ease of use,
peace of mind

Consumer focus meets 20 years of diagramming experience…

Sleek and speedy interface

We’ve worked hard to make things simple for Graphity users…