Use case story


As a company grows – and the number of employees increases – documenting corporate workflows uniformly can become a tough challenge. Not with Graphity!


To make things more straightforward, management has decided to document all processes as flowchart diagrams, using Graphity.

The team leaders are instructed to roll out the documentation process. They prepare unified information packages, create pages for process diagrams, and share them with their teams in the company's Confluence wiki.


Jim, a junior employee, starts executing the instructions and creates an order process flowchart – quickly and effortlessly.

Once the flowchart is ready, his manager Jane opens it with Confluence and adds comments on changes that should be made. For example, Jane discovers that the decision node is missing.


Jim sees the comments in real time and quickly adds the decision node.

This way, the graph is optimized for better understanding. Jim also adds annotations to the chart to ensure all the steps are clear and visible.

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Now that the flowchart is perfect and ready to go, it is shared among the entire company.

Well, almost perfect! Chris, a colleague from the IT department, adds a few more nodes that link the diagram to helpful internal and external resources, as well as related Confluence pages.


Employees looking for information on how to place orders find the newly-created diagram and discover everything they need. They are not authorized to edit, but they can view the whole process and change the layout to vertical – ideal for exporting or printing the chart.

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How to build a flowchart with Graphity

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