Good news for changing demands:

Diagramming solution for Confluence Cloud, Server, and Data Center

Graphity is available in the Atlassian Marketplace, in three installment variants: Confluence Cloud, Server and Data Center – officially approved by Atlassian. This means Graphity has been thoroughly tested in terms of integration with Confluence Data Center, security, and reliability for users, and has passed all of these tests flawlessly.

Due to the technical possibilities of Confluence the features may differ slightly between the different Graphity implementations.

Cloud Server Data Center
Collaborative Editing (learn more)
Embedding in Confluence Pages
GDPR Compliant
Multi-Language (EN / DE / FR)
Intuitive User Interface
Individual UI Customization
Ready-to-use Diagram Elements
Automatic Layout
Grouping and Folding
PDF, PNG, SVG Export
yEd Desktop Compatibility
Alignment of Embedded Diagrams
Custom Global Palettes
Attach Palettes to Diagram
User Specific Palettes
Admin Interface
Error Report Admin Notifications

If you have any questions about the features or specific restrictions in the different Graphity variants, please get in touch with the Graphity Team: