Graphity Delivers:

Efficient simplicity

Made to be intuitive and convenient, not complicated and overwhelming. Drawing on 20 years of experience, we’ve developed an optimum user interface and exclusively consumer-driven features.

Made for you

Graphity features a modern, streamlined design – this makes the app feel fresh and guarantees easy use. A large, clearly organized range of palettes and features caters to a variety of diagramming needs, while customization options let you create even the most unique graphs.


Fast and appealing

With Graphity, you don’t need to be a visualization expert. The drag-and-drop feature enables you to quickly create and edit your diagrams. Choose from a broad array of diagram elements for your chart, graph, or workflow. Magnetic snapping makes sure your results always line up, and contextual views keep you oriented, no matter how massive your project is. To save even more time, a full-text search lets you find anything in seconds.

Superior features

Among users’ favorite features is the fully automated layout arrangement, which turns even the messiest diagram into a document that’s neat, beautiful, and easy to understand. The best part? It needs just one click. You can try as many layouts as you like, and choose the one that suits you best. And your colleagues all over the world can contribute in real time – we’ve made it easy for different people to collaborate on the same graph.


Beautiful data
adds value

Graphity lets you visualize related data to gain new insights…

Sleek and speedy interface

We’ve worked hard to make things simple for Graphity users…