Advantages at a glance

Graphity for Confluence has plenty of features that make it a superior diagramming app.


An intuitive user interface assures simple usability with endless customization options. Don’t just take our word for it, try it out!

Automatic, one-click layout arrangement will do all the heavy lifting, while a vast number of choices lets you find the perfect fit for your diagram.


Interactive Confluence embedding means no hassle while using the app, and your entire team will be able to contribute in real time.

A full-text search ensures all information is easy to find and access. And you will finally be able to stop worrying about security: with Graphity, all your data is completely secure, as it remains inside your company’s server.


And, of course, Graphity is fully compliant with GDPR.

Beautiful data
adds value

Graphity lets you visualize related data to gain new insights…

Ease of use,
peace of mind

Consumer focus meets 20 years of diagramming experience…

Sleek and speedy interface

We’ve worked hard to make things simple for Graphity users…