Migration to Cloud

A step-by-step guide to migrate Graphity diagrams from server to cloud

Migration from Confluence server to cloud

Graphity for Confluence is available for server, data-center, and cloud. Since Atlassian discontinues the support for its server products in 2022, it may become necessary to migrate to Confluence Cloud.

The cloud platform differs from the server platform and so do the Graphity versions for server and cloud. Therefore, we provide the following steps to prepare your Graphity diagrams for migration.

Find the migration section in the Graphity administration page. With a click on Prepare migration the Graphity diagrams in all pages are adjusted to fit the cloud version.

We recommend to backup your Confluence instance before starting the migration.

Before migrating, you should update Graphity to the latest version.

migration in admin page
migration progress

Keep track of the migration progress.

After the migration of the Graphity diagrams is complete, you can go on with the Confluence migration. Either export the spaces manually or use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence to bring your pages to cloud.

Error handling

You get notified if the migration failed for a diagram. Don't worry – your data is still there.

Migrate these diagrams manually: First, download and extract the zip-attachment named with the diagram id from Confluence Server. Then create a new Graphity diagram in Confluence Cloud, and open the Graphity diagram editor. Now you can import the graphml-file, and save the new diagram in Confuence Cloud.

During the migration, additional attachments are created on the server instance which are needed in Confluence Cloud. You can delete these attachments after the migration from the server instance. For convenience, the administration page provides a Revert migration button which removes these newly created attachments.

The Graphity diagrams in Confluence Server will still work after migration.

Revert migration

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